Welcome to Standardedibles

Standard Edibles is home to the Love, Carissa™ brand of premium medibles. We purchased the domain Standard Edibles because the
Love, Carissa brand is helping set the standard for cannabis infused edibles. At Love, Carissa™ we mainly focus on four top selling products: Honey, Brownies , Lollipops , and Gummies. Most importantly, all cannabis product is sourced from the same producer in order to ensure absolute quality.


A spoonful of honey makes the medicine go down. In this case it’s a double entendre as our honey is our medicine! Cannabis and honey are both known to have healing properties, so combining these substances could be helpful for many different ailments.

Our medicinal honey is nothing short of amazing. This is raw and unfiltered honey sourced from local bee keepers all over Arizona. After infusion the honey is poured into sanitized jars which are then vacuum sealed. We offer 3 distinct flavors: Mesquite, Wild Mountain Pecan and Orange Blossom. Our infused Mesquite honey is very sweet and perfect with tea. Our infused Wild Mountain Pecan has an almost mocha flavor and is perfect with coffee. We also offer infused orange blossom honey which has a slight orange taste to it and is perfect on its own or on toast.

The honey we make is extremely potent and is not for beginners. If you are new to edibles we
suggest trying very little at first, maybe 1/2 or 1/4 of the serving size.


A Love, Carissa™ medicated brownie tastes better than anything else you have tried. Why? Because they are made with love from scratch. No box brands here. We use special imported chocolates in our recipe so we don’t have to dress our brownies up with icing or sprinkles. This is a classic, made from scratch absolutely delicious brownie. Carissa also has her own special way of infusing her brownies, and they are quite potent for being so small. A Love, Carissa brownie is a premium medible unlike many others. Try a Love Carissa brownie and you’ll see why we chose the standardedibles.com domain.


Our lollipops are just like our other offerings. Extremely tasty yet very potent. Love, Carissa™ lollipops come in 20 different delicious flavors with 5 sugar free offerings for patients who are on sugar free diets. Typically with edibles as the potency goes up the taste suffers. That is not the case with a Love, Carissa lollipop. Just like with our brownies, our lollipops taste better and do the job better than most other offerings. Try a Love Carissa lollipop and see the difference for yourself!


Love, Carissa™ Gummies are just as flavorful as our other offerings. Each piece is made into a 10mg dose and packaged in vacuum sealed jars totaling 160 mg. Patients like gummies for how easy they are to dose as well as how quickly the effects can be felt.


Love, Carissa™ capsules are serious medicine. They come in doses of 100mg (50mg each capsule) and are extremely potent. Love, Carissa capsules are not for beginners. Our capsules are a great choice for patients experiencing serious chronic pain or pain from cancer.

About Love, Carissa™

Love, Carissa™ is a Hana Meds™ brand and is exclusively distributed by Hana Meds, a state licensed Arizona dispensary. Our kitchen is located in Tempe, Arizona.

We are dedicated to providing Arizona patients with tasty and potent solutions to their pain and other ailments that require treatment.
We believe we offer natural solutions for patients with all qualifying conditions and are committed to making each edible with love.