Our Products

Standard Edibles is home to the Love, Carissa™ brand of premium medibles. We purchased the domain Standard Edibles because the Love, Carissa brand is helping set the standard for cannabis infused edibles. Unlike just about every other edible producer in Arizona, we don’t use distillate. Instead, we use kief infused coconut oil. This process is of course more arduous and less cost effective, but we believe the patient gets a much better edible experience this way. The reason patients get a consistent experience with a Love, Carissa medible is because we source all of our cannabis product from the same cultivator while using the same cannabis strains in each recipe. This practice provides for exceptional quality control.  

We not only source all of our product from one cultivator, we also make our medibles the same exact way each time. Anything different than that will make for an inconsistent taste and potency. That is what we believe separates a Love, Carissa product from many others. That is why Love, Carissa is a premium brand, and that is why Love, Carissa is proud to set the standard in edibles. 

At Love, Carissa™ we offer a great line of extremely tasty and potent edibles including HoneyBrownies, Lollipops, Chocolates, Cookies, Gummies and Capsules. We will soon introduce a line of vegan and gluten free cookies, and savory offerings including crackers as well as some other new premium offerings.